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Code of Misconduct and Good Beerhavior

Code of Misconduct and Good Beerhavior   We, the members of the Peoria Hash House Harriers, in order to form a more perfect hash, establish enjoyment and ensure kennel tranquility, provide for the common virgin, promote the general happiness and secure the blessings of our GM’s for ourselves and our posterity and posteriors, do ordain and establish this  Code of Misconduct and Good Beerhavior.         Articles of Consensual Buggery and General Mischief I.    What happens at the hash stays at the hash Superman wore glasses for a reason. Before and after the hash, we all live nerd lives.   Under no circumstances shall hash life and nerd life cross without the PRIOR consent of the individuals involved.   Meet a hasher in the nerd world?   Nod/smile, move along, unless you have PRIOR CONSENT to acknowledge them in hash fashion.   Do not OUT your fellow hasher.   Keep hashtags, gifts, and stories private.   This also goes for pictures and videos taken during hashes.   Th