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LAVS Race Report

L et’s A ll V oluntarily Suffer Or how I somehow survived Vol State                 I’ve never written a race report before, and I’ve never really considered myself in a race before because I’ve never remotely thought that I’d be coming anywhere near a “podium” finish.   I’ve always considered my ultras as “challenge events” where the only two questions I asked myself were “Can I do this” and “If I can do this, just how fast can I do this”?   After trying the Barkley Fall Classic, being introduced to one Lazarus Lake, and eventually crewing for him for four days while he crossed the country on foot; when my wife planted the idea of us doing Vol State into my head, all I asked myself was that first question, “Can I?”   I should have been asking, “Just how much luck am I going to need versus actual skill?” Dumb luck proof number 1: my amazing wife, Mary Sue and her equally amazing friend, Jennifer                 As soon as it was decided, the training began in earne